Friday, August 26, 2005


no one comes to my site! i should cry, i will cry... not right now.. or for this reason... but one day.. someday.. i shall cry!
life is rather boring.
i've started to write a book
Death.... and How Fun It Really Is
it's about vampires i like it lots
i've only gotten the first 21 pages,
but i'm going to go home and write
then watch some Angel(because i'm a dork)
and then i'll write some more. my first tennis match is on tuesday, and i don't want to! i'm no good! it's pathetic, but big surprise! justin's good at it! he's good at freakin everything, golf, tennis, basketball, football, and he was pretty good at baseball. he's even good at school! it's not fair! how come i suck!?
whatever... i spent this lunch period and yesterday's being attacked! yesterday it was with shoes, and today it was by being tickled... swear to God. then Fred hugged me, i hugged him, Micheal came up behind him and grabbed his butt, Fred thought it was me, then realized it wasn't and we laughed. we straightened micheal's hair, and then just to freak me out, Ben stars putting his arm around me, i cower, he laughs, but he does most of the abusing so freaking out was the only logical choice, he did to lindsay, she freaked out, then again to me and i freaked out.. but less. we don't go outside, we all cheat and eat in the bandroom and then don't leave, Mr. Ferren doesn't mind, and that's why we love him! he even lets us get cokes (which we aren't supposed to do until 30 minutes after lunch) as long as he doesn't see us get them, but if he does 'we brought them from home'.
i think i'm going to like high school.


Blogger Linz said...

Wow...Lots of guys messing with your head.. weird... ^-^

Anyway, I think someone spammed my blog, because I NEVER get that many comments from someone other than stacy and taylor... it's weird...

10:18 AM  
Blogger Geerawrd said...

La de Da de DAA! I found your blog! Yay for me! Aktins Highschool seems very lax..Is that word...Oooh well..I want to read what you have in your book so far...Yes..Yes I do..Well I am going to go tootles!

5:07 PM  

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