Wednesday, August 17, 2005

erhm the 2nd

i'm going to be repeating most of what i said on my xanga.

i'm having a love affair with Bedhead... but i love it... so it's ok.... me and bedhead will be together FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! or until i get bored, which is a very likely thing...
i love redheads.. but only female ones... like lindsey, and tyra banks, and that chick from will and grace. yummy... but i like men with dark hair.. cause it's sexy. like pounce and have my way with sexy... like oober yummy like pant pant. i believe i'm being quite clear so if you're not getting it you're dumb..... really dumb.

i think i shall join PETA. become vegetarian because i keep having this freaky dreams where animals are eating us and how God created animals to be OUR compainions but He created US to be HIS companions. and i think that originally animals where meant to feed us but now that we're so advanced we don't HAVE to commit murder, so why should we? and it makes me sad to think that we're breeding animals for slaughter, i'd like to think all life has more meaning than that. and it's back to the us being God's compainions thing i mentioned earlier, aren't we lucky that He isn't breeding us for slaughter? and C.S. Lewis described the devil as wanting to consume us, to eat us and even then to continue to make us suffer... TO CONSUME like we do to animals, seems sorta.... bad.
byebye my lovelies, see you later.


Blogger poulton said...

but i think i'll still eat fish....

6:35 PM  

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