Saturday, September 24, 2005

the class of 2007 really likes us freshpeople

not freshmen, freshpeople. it's poltically correct that way.

but seriously, these juniors really do. last week Jeremy Dodd asked out Ashly (though he may be a sophmore, i don't really know) and then on wednesday Fred asked out Kayla (she broke up with that cody guy on saturday) and zach finally asked out victoria on thursday (well, not FINALLY, because like a year and a half ago he asked her out after church camp and she liked him but said no because of something or another) oh... and then there's me an Ben.

what you say? yay, Ben asked me out. i'm trying my damndest not to squeal and jump and do all the ridiculously girlly things i want to because i'd then have to kill myself. i'm so freaking giddy! i haven't sleept since thursday (which is when he asked me out) now i know i said that dating this young was kind of pointless, but me and Ben can actually go places (he has red miata, and sometimes drives his dad's jeep or truck) and i like him SO much. he's one of the major reasons i stopped liking micheal last year (did i tell you he's in love with me now? and i mean micheal) and i know him pretty well and still like him so much.

here's the whole story from thursday morning to last night. kayla is being ridiculously giddy because she's going out with Fred. but then she meets me in Civics(we just talk in there, nothing else neither of us listen and i'm getting a 100) and she is even giddier. then she tells me that Ben wanted to know if i liked him because he's a bit stupider than we thought. at church he asked Victoria to ask me and she told Kayla because we have second period together. Kayla says he's going to ask me out. her and Victoria had a bet going for when. i told Kayla he probably won't ask me out for awhile, but still i'm giddy all day. then band roles around and he asks if i want to go for a ride with him after school (we had after school band practise and this was something i wasn't supposed to do so shhh) i of course say yes. then during lunch he asks if i'm going to the football game tonight, i hadn't planned on it but if he was going, i definetly would. so we plan to meet there where the jr. high band is playing because there's where most of our peeps will be.

after school i go against mummy dears wishes and go for a ride with Ben. (he took the top down on his miata, it was fun. that was the third time i'd been in his car but the first time he'd taken down the top) and when we got on main street and he didn't have to shift gears, he just kind of grabs my hand and holds it. and above the enigine, music, wind, and other cars i swear you could hear my heart beating. it was insane. i loved it.
well on the way back to the band room, he does it again! yay! and then there's band and he offers me a ride home but my mom's coming to get me. i told him i'd see him at that game when i left, so sweet how he left after i did.
all insane giddy happiness until finally it's seven. me and him walk around the football field, go in the band section and chill with Victoria and them. but we started to walk around the football field during half time with our peeps but by 4 quarter that had to be back in band so it was just me and him. and every now and again he'd grab my hand again i'd we would just walk like that. then, when i absoluetly least expected it (we where talking about why people didn't wear skirts anymore(which means we where under the bleachers and looking up)) he put his hand around my waist and asks if i want to go out with him. i say" yay, i do." then we hold hands some more, until the game ends. and then i call my mom and tell her to pick me up at the band room. then me and him go wait there and talk to our other friends. and i tell them. and Kayla and Victoria try to figure out who gets the money. there was lots of squealing on their part.
then my mom pulls up and i hug Ben. then... i realize i'm going to have to tell her, and Craig, and Josh, and Justin. holy hell, people.
but i do. i tell them all (actually Josh had left, so i don't think he knows) Craig says he needs to meet him before we can go anywhere together and Justin warns me about PDA. i hardly slept that night, i'd just kept waking up and being all excited. then, yesterday was the away game to pottsville (so far away) and we signed the bus list BEFORE he asked me out. so i was seating with Victoria, in front of Ben. ha! i seat with him during the game, there was hand holding and his arm around my waist, and i loved it!
on the way home, they let us switch seat, so i left Victoria on her own and sat with Ben. she sang some song about being on her own. i didn't care. me and Ben sink kind of low in our seat, he has one arm behind me and the other either holding my hand, stroking my leg or my side, or in my pocket(which was only for a bit) then he kisses me!

i'm leaving you there. i'll tell you the rest later.
i love you chicks, so peace out.


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