Sunday, September 11, 2005

real fun weekend

ok, lets begin
friday night- went to oak grove for the football game and we marched (i stayed in step! it was beautiful!) we didn't march the whole show seeing as we've only learned the first 4 moves, but whatever. it was still pretty awesome(the bus trip really not the game so much, even though fred told craig he'd take me home and craig ignored him(and fred only offered because craig was telling me that mrs.sherry would take me home since i'd be in later seeing as i was going to conway to eat with the band))
Satuday afternoon/night- really tired, but didn't care because i went to christstock, obviously it was a christan band playing (AFrayed Knot, they where awesome, not screamo or loud or anything, but talented and soulful) i went with victoria's church youth group(more about that later) and we left way early because we went to subway(mickey kept calling me a stupid vegetarian because... well i am) and we still got there early. so we all sat around and layed in each other's laps, rolled down a hill. the hill was big... and painful i ran into a hannah on the way down and she wasn't fun so i started sliding and oh the pain. the message was awesome made me all shakey and stuff. i think emily and victoria where a bit miffed because i spent my time with ashly, lindsay(roggenbach), ben, mickey, and the other lindsay-more about that later. i got to seat next to ben on the church van! yipeeEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!oh, you get the point.
Today- went to church with victoria instead of family, i like her church, i really like the sunday school grandma(i don't know what to call her, she's kayla's grandma and that' sjust what everyone calls her) teaches. sat next to ben, and victoria it was an enjoyable samich. we stayed after and talked, victoria gave me a ride to church but ben brought me home. and that's why i'm mad at mom. she was waiting there and she thinks that me and ben are dating and i didn't tell her, and she keeps making a big deal about it! i could kick her, but i won't. i was going to go tonigh to church, but i don't think that would be wise. mom brought me here, to uncle john's and aunt mary's where i just ate the best hamburger EVER(no meat, it rocked my socks)

enough about my weekend, which was fun because ben invited me to church this morning and tonight (mickey also invited me this morning, so did victoria) but now onto something i have observed
i use to be so outraged about these girls who would let guys grab and slap their butts and i couldn't understand why they didn't slap them... but now.. i've become one of them. i realized this on saturday because on friday i was in kroger's with fred, victoria, and nick and while we where leaving i was talking about how i was the only one who could pull off the band windsuits(i forgot to bring extra clothes) and fred agrees and grabs my butt, i laugh but i don't do anything. i realized this on saturday and i start thinking about it. guys just seem to like to touch me now, the hug me, grab my butt, tickle me, slap my butt... it a little ridiculous but i don't object! i don't really see anythin wrong with it i guess, or more that they're just the guys who are closer to me so i don't care. (actually after fred grabbed me i told him no wonder craig didn't let him take me home)
next update i have more to tell you, which is surprising since this was a lONG update.

byebye sweetes!


Blogger Linz said...

Wow..You no longer sound very.. Sarah like.. Not that that's a bad thing. I'm just saying you've definitly changed. And You Don't Use The Shift Key. POOR SHIFT KEY. It's SOO Neglected. :(

2:43 PM  
Blogger Geerawrd said...

Yeah..I read the whole thing! I think you sound like Sarah...A little more perverse..but still you! ^_^ Have a fun life in Atkins

5:07 PM  

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