Sunday, September 18, 2005

wow... i'm bored

all right sweethearts. long postie time!
grounded so no spending the night at stacy's. heart broken. no movies with her either or nerding around at hastings. i'm terribley terribly sad. but when i talked to her on saturday to tell her the sadness, she said maybe next weekend. which should work, so yay!
more sadness. that i didn't tell stacy because i could tell she was already terribly broken up about me not coming (i'm glad you didn't cry until we were off the phone) but friday was a day of drama!
seriously, lots of it. tears and all.
begining- kayla has been dating this guy for like a year, seriously way to long. but they fight constantly and now they're thinking about breaking up. well... kayla told this guy nick, who she likes, and he misunderstood and has been telling every one that they broke up(but they didn't) long(and rather boring) story short. nick tells fred that kayla likes him, not fred. but fred REALLY likes kayla and thinks that kayla doesn't return the emotions (i of course knew nothing of this sort) and kayla does return the liking. well, drama begins because nick and fred are BESTES BUDS and well... drama. but i don't know why, because kayla and cody are still together (as of friday night) but appeareantly it resolved because fred drove kayla to the fifth quarter thing at the church. oh... more did i mention that lindsey (roggenbach) REALLY likes fred and is friend of kayla, who likesish fred and fred likes? yay... drama(as if i haven't said that enough)
football game. i got my heart broken... i think. i'm not sure. and i don't know who to ask.
lindsay (don't know last name, but a different one) comes with emily(shipley) and hannah(griffin) who are some cool cats. all of them are. well i'm hangin out with everyone and when ben leaves the group to talk to zach(avant) one of lindsay's tag-alongs i didn't know askes her 'are you sure he's your boyfriend?' and lindsay had been saying she knew VERY few people here and ben was one she did know (i know this because well, they go to church together sometimes and i sometimes go on the youth outing magigs). but, he would of told me. especially by now, since it's pretty obvious i like him. and kayla and victoria would have too. because they love me and wouldn't want me to be heartbroken (and they know both of them so..) and they even planned to talk to ben about asking me out. because they're physco. i of course told them to shutup and sit down.

football game was better than i thought, mostly because i got to sit next to ashly and ben! ashly is like my hoe. i love her. there was funnel cake and drinks, grass, and insults, i was called gay and told to go out with ben more than once. ashly isn't very smart.. or subtle.

now, i realize that you don't really know alot of the people i've been talking about.
so enjoy the list.
Kayla Marple- chick. going out with Cody Storm for over a year.
Mikey something or another- Kayla's cousin ( i thik i typed mickey last time, because i'm stupid) and he wants me. seriously, he got my number from kayla. but i didn't yell at her because he's a nice kid and all. to bad he didn't call becase i was denying my feeling for ben. so he had a chance.
Ashly Moran- she's my hoe.

er.. and grumble i'll have to finish later
i'm out


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You're life is much more interesting than mine.... :(

erg.. feeling so sick.. *falls asleep, drools on keyboard*

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