Friday, October 28, 2005

oh.... i'm a slut

yay, that's why i was grounded. i'm a slut. at least my mom thinks so. i don't need to mention that her and craig think sitting with a boy on the band bus is inappropraite and that holding hands leads to groping (other than groping of the hand). lots of drama, lots of grounding, lots of wanting to rip my mom's hair out and shove it down and throat then peel bloody stripes of skin off of her body and listen to her scream- ing. also lots of missing school (no skipping but LOTS of trips) and lots of not enough time with Ben. who i love. deal with it. cause i do. and i know i do because i got all angsty because i know i do.

but i can tell you all of this. later. tonight later. fun at lindsay's! vicki's coming.

bye bye
love ya