Wednesday, November 30, 2005


my last post was shorter than i wanted it to be. but my mom was starting to look over my shoulder and read, and i couldn't let her.
i'm grounded (for "making a scene" when craig slapped my butt in wal-mart, but i'll have to tell you about that later) so nothing much to say.
except that i'm an awful person. with lax social skills, by the way. today, and ben, and the ashly and the me not seeing and.... oh... it makes me feel bad. me and ashly where walking and ben was pulling out in his car, and she said "look there's your boyfriend" and i just start looking and i didn't think. he was in his car. not just walking. so i missed him. and she's like. "you didn't even react!" i told her i didn't see him. then i saw his car at the stop sign, and i felt bad. cause the loser blew me a kiss. i love him.
it's the christmas season! joy! i'm truly happy right now. cause now it's not bad, just happy. and fun. and red and green and ribbon-y. it rocks.
what's up in your lives? trust me, i'm bored enough to be truly interested
i'm out

Sunday, November 27, 2005

not doing so well with that posting more

you love me anyway.

thanksgiving sucks. i hate it. loathe it. lets kill it. we'll start a petition, who says it's a national holiday!
my family believes i'm anorexic. aren't they stupid? i'm grounded for not letting craig slap my butt in walmart. well i'm grounded because i 'made a scene' about it. if someone you HATED beyond all reason, slaps your butt when you told him not to touch you slaps your butt, you react. that's the end of the story.
whatever though.
good news. me and ben have been going out for 2 months and some odd days. it's weird. i don't know why. but it is.
i went to the movies on wednesday. that was fun. victoria had to sit in front of me an ben. so now i'm trying to win her forgiveness. except that she keeps forgetting to be pissed. i kept having to tie her shoe, and say i love you. and cuddle with her. in front of the movies. it was fun. she's blonde now, and it's sexy. and hilarisou because she's asian.
love you

Monday, November 14, 2005

hastings is the coolest place on earth! and i should be shoot for my loseriness

ok, fun at the game and then at hastings
stacy and lindsay you know this, you were there. i felt up stacy's purse, wasn't that fun? there's was abuse with the books and the herbivore magazine that was quite good because it wasn't as whiney as the E magazine in the library. you all remember victoria's friend, well best poet on earth. i'll plagarize some of his for you later, for now i'm out.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


yay, i'm sorry
i haven't updated in awhile and awhile before that. so sorry. i'll try to update more, i really will because i feel so out of the loop. (example- pete and taylor!!!! i had to show you my shock with exclamations because you cannot see my face)
i realized i seem to have developed new friends as of late. mostly bridget. who i'm going to make a gold statue of and make her the new buddha. she's much sexier than buddha so buddhist will be easilly converted. i'll update more often, but for now, it ends
love you tootles