Wednesday, November 30, 2005


my last post was shorter than i wanted it to be. but my mom was starting to look over my shoulder and read, and i couldn't let her.
i'm grounded (for "making a scene" when craig slapped my butt in wal-mart, but i'll have to tell you about that later) so nothing much to say.
except that i'm an awful person. with lax social skills, by the way. today, and ben, and the ashly and the me not seeing and.... oh... it makes me feel bad. me and ashly where walking and ben was pulling out in his car, and she said "look there's your boyfriend" and i just start looking and i didn't think. he was in his car. not just walking. so i missed him. and she's like. "you didn't even react!" i told her i didn't see him. then i saw his car at the stop sign, and i felt bad. cause the loser blew me a kiss. i love him.
it's the christmas season! joy! i'm truly happy right now. cause now it's not bad, just happy. and fun. and red and green and ribbon-y. it rocks.
what's up in your lives? trust me, i'm bored enough to be truly interested
i'm out


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