Sunday, November 27, 2005

not doing so well with that posting more

you love me anyway.

thanksgiving sucks. i hate it. loathe it. lets kill it. we'll start a petition, who says it's a national holiday!
my family believes i'm anorexic. aren't they stupid? i'm grounded for not letting craig slap my butt in walmart. well i'm grounded because i 'made a scene' about it. if someone you HATED beyond all reason, slaps your butt when you told him not to touch you slaps your butt, you react. that's the end of the story.
whatever though.
good news. me and ben have been going out for 2 months and some odd days. it's weird. i don't know why. but it is.
i went to the movies on wednesday. that was fun. victoria had to sit in front of me an ben. so now i'm trying to win her forgiveness. except that she keeps forgetting to be pissed. i kept having to tie her shoe, and say i love you. and cuddle with her. in front of the movies. it was fun. she's blonde now, and it's sexy. and hilarisou because she's asian.
love you


Blogger Geerawrd said...

I saw her hair..and I haven' quite got used to it yet..but I will..eventually..Don't worry I would have made a scene to..and then made a scence when they grounded me for making a scene...*sigh* Tootles

4:10 PM  

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